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Sunderland were the host of the 62nd tall ships race anniversary year with the first race been held in 1956 with a grand total of just 20 ships taken part. The 20 ship race took place between Torbay, in Devon and Lisbon, Portugal. The winnning tall ship of that race was the British ship Moyana, however on winning that race the Moyana sank on the way back home to the UK. Apart from the great news of winning that race the best news was ALL of the crew on the ship survived aswell as saving the winning trophy. In 1958 the Sail Training International Race Committee (the organisation responsible for todays race) decided to repeat the race and every second year thereafter.

Today i visited to host country/city, Sunderland for the start of the race, we were blessed with glorious weather which has held up really well to welcome our race competitors over the 5 days they have been here, and today the sun shone even brighter to see them on their way.

I did'nt get as many photo opportunites as i hoped for and this was because of many reasons, as a personal opinion i felt seeing so many on the pier head would spoil the image somewhat, but on other shots they would look great. Other reasons were because we are out at sea, the sky is somewhat rather dull and grey with the heat we were having, with the occasional hint and break of blue.

I did manage to take some 130+ photos but with similar photos (positioning/location)  i opted to only edit the best of the similar shots. I believe i have narrowed them down to approx 15-20 photos. I have posted a couple on my page here in the landscape section but the others will be found on my facebook photography page.

I hope you enjoy the couple of photos i have posted here and i look forward to my next venture out to see what that brings me/us.

Until next time, enjoy the weather we are having (if your in the UK) long may it last.


Sorlandet Leave RokerSorlandet Leave RokerThe Sorlandet Tall Ships leaves Sunderland for the next part of their 2018 Tall Ships Race.

Alexander Von Humboldt II Waves GoodbyeAlexander Von Humboldt II Waves GoodbyeTall Ship "Alexander Von Humboldt II" leaves Sunderland for the next part of their 2018 Tall Ships Race.

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Aydon Castle, Northumberland Welcome to yet another blog update, its beginning to become a habit this. Todays entry concerns my recent visit (Today) to Aydon Castle.

After seeing many of my photographer friends posting their wonderful images of Aydon Castle Poppy field, i thought i'd give it a go myself cause i hate missing out on things lol.

Aydon Castle, Corbridge, Northumberland.

Aydon Castle, previously sometimes called Aydon Hall, is a fortified manor house at Aydon near to the town of Corbridge, Northumberland, England. It is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, and is designated by English Heritage as a Grade I listed building.

Almost completely intact, it is one of the finest and most unaltered examples of a 13th century English manor house. Set in a beautiful and secluded Northumberland woodland, it was originally built as an undefended residence, but was almost immediately fortified on the outbreak of Anglo-Scottish warfare. Nevertheless it was pillaged and burnt by the Scots in 1315, seized by English rebels two years later, and again occupied by Scots in 1346. The castle later became a farmhouse in the 17th century and was lived in up until 1966.

I had a wonderful time taking various shots of the poppies, before given the Castle a brief visit before my return home and before the rain started, guess it was good judgement because 15 mins after i set off it came down from the heavens on the border of Newcastle, luckily it had'nt arrived at my home adress until an hour or two later.

Hope you enjoy the Poppies as much as i did taking them.


Aydon Castle PoppiesAydon Castle PoppiesAydon Castle, Corbridge, Northumberland


Aydon CastleAydon CastleAydon Castle, Corbridge, Northumberland

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Washington Camera Club 50th Anniversary Hello all, just alittle update to let my local followers know that my local camera club are celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year. We have a couple of things planned in the next couple of months June/July 2018, one been the production of our Club Members Book which contains a 2 page spread of images from each member of the club. The 2nd been a month long Exhibition at the local Arts Centre, where 2 Images from each member will be on display in the Gallery.

For those of my followers who live local, it would be great to see you come along and have a browse and say hello. The Exhibition will be held at the Arts Centre Washington, Biddick Lane, Washington, Tyne & Wear. NE38 8AB. The Events Starts on Friday 15th June at 7pm - 9.30pm where all from the camera club will be in attendance, including the opening of the Exhibition. Thereafter the Exhibition will be on display until Friday 13th July, where again we will be in attendance for the closing of the Exhibition.

Please try your best to attend, if not 15th June then anytime convenient to give the club your support. Many thanks for taken the time to read this blog and Anniversary information, and look forward to meeting you at the event.

Regards Ken


Below Pics l-R: 50th Anniversary Poster, 50th Anniversary Book, My 1st Page Of My Entered Images, 2nd Page Of My Entered Images.



        Washington CC 50th Anniversary PosterWashington CC 50th Anniversary PosterWashington Camera Club 50th Anniversary Exhibition Poster              50th Anniversary Book50th Anniversary BookFront Cover of Anniversary Book

My 1st Page Of BookMy 1st Page Of Book1st page of my supplied photos for the book My 2nd Page Of BookMy 2nd Page Of Book2nd Page of my supplied photos for the book.

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Ludworth Tower Sunset Good Morning everyone, I had a brief trip out a couple of nights ago to catch what was looking like a potentially good night for a sunset. The sun was beaming and clouds were few, so i thought i might try somewhere that i have'nt been to before. I headed of some 16 miles down the road to Ludworth to photograph what i hoped was a sunset between and around the Tower.

Ludworth is a small pit village in County Durham, England situated between Durham and Peterlee. It consists of just over 350 houses in three main housing estates.

Ludworth Tower was originally a medieval manor house, founded by the de Ludworth family. In 1422, Thomas Holden added a rectangular pele tower, when he was granted licence to crenellate his manorial complex, by Cardinal Langley. The only surviving remains are the barrel-vaulted basement, the three storey west wall and fragments of a first floor spiral stair in the south wall.

As you can see via the image the suspected sunset just did'nt materialise at all and i got was the best of what was available on the night. I like the tower and what potential it has for a great image on a succesful sunset evening, so i think this will be a place i shall definately keep returning to until i get THAT SHOT...

Thanks for taking the time to read my recent blog entry and i hope you enjoy the image as much as i had taken it. Until till my next blog, take care and keep watching for the next update.


Sunset at Ludworth TowerSunset at Ludworth Tower

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The Wild Roker Greetings followers... I made the trip to my local coast at Roker, Sunderland to catch the last of the UK Storm "The Beast From The East" aka "Storm Emma". I have never done a high tide waves shot before so i grasped the chance whilst i could.

The waves were'nt as violent as i thought they may be, but there was enough drama in the waves to bring many people including fellow photographers to the pier to catch that dramatic wave shot over the pier. The car park near the front was closed off as the waves flooded the area, which also brought debris with it. The waves bashing its way through also caused a huge amount of spray with it, making it difficult to shoot.

I was pleased i brought my long lens instead of my wide angle as i was away back and managed to zoom in on the pier and the waves as they thrashed their way over the pier and lighthouse. As i said earlier they were'nt as dramatic as the day before but dramatic enough to get some decent photos from it.

I'm pleased "The Beast From The East" is over with and perhaps we can start looking forward to our eagerly awaited Spring to start in full swing, leading to the long awaited return of the sunny days and summer nights.

Enjoy and thanks for taking the time to read and follow my webpage blog, feedback and comments always WELCOME.



Roker Pier LighthouseRoker Pier LighthouseTaken from our recent storm at high tide at Roker Pier Lighthouse

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A View Down The River Tyne          

  A View Down The River Tyne

Apologies for not updating this blog for a while, with been poorly in health and the run up to christmas i have'nt done too much photography of late. I did however manage to get out yesterday briefly and went to Newcastle Quayside with my compact camera, not my 7D DSLR.  I took a couple of photos whilst down there, but this was one of the best i took.


I not sure what i think of the G5X Compact yet, i guess its because i am so used to my 7D, but time will tell. I do have plans for 2018 and i have a busy year with my local camera clubs 50th anniversary, to name but a few events. So with so many great events coming up and with Sunderland Tall Ships been amongst the calendar year it seems like a busy one. And speaking of calendars watch out in mid-summer, when i will be advertising my first ever calendar for 2019 and will be taken orders for them, some have reserved theirs already and if your interested in been one of the first, send me a message to reserve one NOW. Only a limited amount of 75 will be ordered from the printers. The title of the calendar is "North East Attractions" (Theme clue is in the title).

I will leave you with the current photo looking down the Tyne and hope to be more active in the coming months.

                                                                                                            A View Down The River TyneA View Down The River Tyne







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Souter Lighthouse Lit Up Souter Lighthouse in Whitburn, Sunderland had a charity awareness night for As part of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness. The local event has been organised by the 4Louis charity, which was set up by Wearside mum Kirsty McGurrell after the tragic stillbirth of her son Louis. The lighthouse was lit up to mark the worldwide event of all families who have had to go through this devastating period within their lives, and i went along to show support for all my family and friends who have had to go through this tough time.

The clouds were'nt very kind on the photography side of things so i had to make do with what was showing. although very cloudy it does give alittle atmospheric look over the lighthouse.

Thinking of everyone worldwide on this sad time of the year and my thoughts are with you all. Sleep tight little ones...




Souter BeamsSouter BeamsSouter Lighthouse lit to show support/awareness of Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

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Nightshoot at the Infinity Bridge On Monday last week, i had my first visit to the Infinity Bridge, Teeside. I had a little meetup with some fellow photography friends and had a lovely evening awaiting sundown for some low light shooting with the bridge Illuminated.

Infinity ReflectingInfinity Reflecting

The Infinity Bridge is a public pedestrian and cycle footbridge across the River Tees in the borough of Stockton-on-Tees in the north-east of England. The bridge is situated one kilometre downriver of Stockton town centre, between the Princess of Wales and the Tees Barage and it links with Teeside Park on the south bank of the Tees.

A special feature is made of the way the bridge is lit at night. This lighting scheme was designed by Speirs and Major Associates who also designed the lighting for the Burj Al-Arab. At night the bridge handrail and footway are lit with designer blue and white LED lighting built into the handrail that changes colour as users cross. Attached to the steel cable ties are white metal-halide up-lighters to illuminate the white painted bridge arches, and blue LED down-lighters to illuminate the water and ground surfaces immediately below the deck. At night from certain viewing angles when the river surface is flat calm, the twin arches together with their reflection in the river appear as an infinity symbol ∞, and it is this effect that inspired its name.

The bridge was officially opened on 14 May 2009 and opened to the public two days later.

I am sure to re-visit the Infinity once again soon to be able to get different angles and different lighting conditions which is sure to become one of my favourite places to re-visit.

Half InfinityHalf Infinity

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Rendezvous Cafe I had a day trip to the local seaside resort which is not too far away from where i live, i went on what i hoped was the first warm day of the year and the start of the british summer weather. I went to Whitley Bay which is based in North Tyneside, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The Beach is located not too far away from the shopping high street, which is just off the seafront. Mid way on the beach front you will find a lovely little Cafe/Ice Cream Parlour called "Rendezvous Cafe".

Rendezvous CafeRendezvous Cafe

The Rendezvous — an Ice Cream Palace of sweet and tasty treats along the pink-and-yellow battenberg Promenade, is one of Whitley Bay's real treasures, serving up coffees and teas, mouth-watering ice cream and breathtaking views to lovers of the fresh air since way back in the 1930s. Proudly run by the same family for almost 6 decades, this seaside wonder maintains its true aura of happy days gone by.

If ever you visit Whitley Bay i suggest a brief detour to "Rendezvous Cafe" and relax and take in the breathtaking sea air.

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Moody Penshaw Monument New Photo added to the Landscape photo gallery, Penshaw Monument at its moodiest background. Image is available on and offline for purchase, simply buy from my 3rd party seller on here or message me for details about what sizes your after and i'll get back to you as quick as possible.

Moody Penshaw MonumentMoody Penshaw Monument

Penshaw Monument (officially The Earl of Durham's Monument) is a folly built in 1844 on Penshaw Hill, 136 metres above sea level, in Tyne and Wear, North East England, between the areas of Washington and Houghton-le-Spring in the city of Sunderland. It is dedicated to John George Lambton, first Earl of Durham and the first Governor of the Province of Canada, who was known locally as "Radical Jack" Lambton.

It was designed by John and Benjamin Green and built by Thomas Pratt of Sunderland, based on the Doric order. The Monument is the best preserved model of a Doric Hexastyle temple in Britain. Charles Vane, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry presented Penshaw Hill as a suitable site.

The foundation stone was laid by Thomas Dundas, 2nd Earl of Zetland (the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England) on 28 August 1844.

The Doric tetrastyle monument is 30 metres (98 ft) long, 16 metres (52 ft) wide and 20 metres (66 ft) high. The columns are each 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) in diameter. It was designed by John and Benjamin Green and built by Thomas Pratt of Sunderland, based on the Doric order.

Resting on the columns is the entablature which itself can be split into three main parts. The architrave, the main spanning beam across the tops of the pillars. Above the architrave is the frieze, the central patterned section. Then the cornice is the upper part which projects outwards. Finally, the pediments are the triangular facings at each end of the Monument. One of the pillars contains a spiral staircase to a walkway around the top of the monument.

The Monument is made of gritstone from the Marquess of Londonderry's quarries on the east coast. Steel pins and brackets were used to hold the stone blocks in place.

In September 1939 John Lambton, 5th Earl of Durham gave Penshaw Monument to the National Trust.

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New Shop Feature open A NEW Shop feature is open on the page, just click the Portfolio section  then open an album and the shop will open. Alternatively send me a message and i will arrange sales offline. Enjoy the new shop which offers some things i may not be able to offer privately as this goes through a 3rd party vendor.

Thanks Ken

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